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September 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Found a new one today. Well, not new, just found out what one actually means. This stemmed from a conversation with Ina about an offsite event with my extended team I’ve got tomorrow and Friday. We’ve got an 80s-themed evening planned for tomorrow night and I’ll be dressing up as a TMNT. Should be fun. Anyway, in conversation about what weapons Raphael wields were discussed the word Tine (impressed that Wikipedia has a tag for articles about Tools). From that, my train of thought hit upon the word ‘Tyning’, which Ina (and, it would appear, Office’s spell checker) had not heard of. I think: "Sink me! At last, I can demonstrate my literary prowess by introducing Ina to a new word" and so at the next opportunity we wikipedia it. And lo:

Wootbeans. Toxic wootbeans. Not only is it actually a word, but it’s a local word from my home town! Awesome.

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