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Headed to the gadget graveyard? –

March 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Spotted a link to this article about obsolete technology on one of our internal sites (SharePoint lets you pull external RSS feeds too…) but was particularly amused by one photo:


BlackBerry is one of Microsoft’s biggest competitors in the mobile space… And yet people will always want to browse on them rather than a Windows Mobile device.

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Last.FM on Windows Mobile

January 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Fantastic news for any and Windows Mobile users out there (like me: you can now scrobble tracks from your mobile device. Thanks to Jason Langridge for the link!

Seeing as I listen to music on my phone more than anywhere else (usually walking to work) this is something I’ve wanted to do for ages!

Now all I need to do is get the WMP team to add Played Count synchronisation to WMP Mobile, and (as I’ve mentioned before) get them to make the ‘A’ key work on my S620… I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I prefer WMP Mobile to the iPod interface. My opinion in general of the iPod is that it’s a great gadget but it has a horrible interface (not to mention iTunes). It may be personal preference, but I usually want to listen to a specific track, or queue up a few songs before I leave the house and while I’m on the way. Searching forΒ  a specific song in WMP is easy:

Go into My Music and All Music (3 button presses, 2 of which are the same button):

Then start typing on the keypad – here S T I :

Brilliant. Finding a single song on the iPod is so hard! You can get a list of all the songs on the device, but scrolling through a few hundred, let along thousands of songs is a pain. Or you can filter by genre (most of my songs seem to be ‘Rock’, even James Taylor’s latest is classified as rock…), then artist and then album. I can’t remember what album most of my tracks are from, especially when I’ve ripped compilations and media player has assigned them the original album’s details…

Rant over, thanks for the link Jason, and everyone can keep track of my musical experiences here:

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Busy weekend

September 1, 2007 2 comments

One of the advantages with being crippled and my girlfriend being away doing a bookkeeping training course is that I’ve had plenty of time today to geek out. This morning I finally installed Windows Mobile 6 on my HTC S620 (thanks to Jason’s blog for pointing it out!) and it rocks! I do like the new features it adds, I can see my mobile data usage going through the roof…

Filter search in email is immensely useful, as is fetching mail off the server (and I’m impressed how quickly it’ll do it). I usually check my inbox on my walk into work and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read an important email that I needed to act on once I was in work but left it marked ‘read’, carried on with the rest of my mail and forgotten about it by the time I got to the office. WM6 lets you set flags on your mail that show up in Outlook’s task list. Brilliant πŸ™‚ AND! I can set my Out Of Office reply from my phone! Another thing I always forget to do (I should do something about my memory…) that I can do whenever I think of it πŸ™‚

One of my favourite tweaks is being able to type a space in when searching my contacts for first and last name. Previously, I had no way of finding, for example, my brother ‘Andy Thompson without searching through all my ‘Andy’s or all my ‘Thompson’s. I know it sounds minor but it’s dead useful.

WM6 on my S620 does still have some issues… (I specify on my 620 as it might not be apparent on some other phones) In Windows Media Player (which syncs wonderfully with my desktop), I can search my library by typing in the name of a song I want. As long as it doesn’t have an A or Z in the name. For some reason it doesn’t recognize the keypresses! I imagine it’s because most phones only had 12-key pads when WMP was first designed for mobile, but there are so many WM devices that have full QWERTY that it must be fixed!

The S620 has also become much more vocal. It feels the need to beep at me all the time, any time I need to confirm things, dismiss dialogs, whatever. I’ve turned most of it off, but one thing remains and it’s a really piercing DOS-speaker style beep. When the wifi turns off, 25 seconds after you stop using the phone (as it should), it feels the need to tell you with said beep. There’s no option to disable this in the Sounds settings, in the wifi settings, no where. I’m going to have a poke around in the registry and see what I find…

But all in all, great upgrade πŸ™‚

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