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Windows Live Photo Gallery

October 16, 2007 Leave a comment

If you’ve not downloaded the latest beta of Live Photo Gallery, do so (at It’s a really good photo management app, that integrates with your Live Space (you do have a Live Space, don’t you?).

Assuming you’ve got the patience (and it doesn’t take long with this interface…) to tag your photos as you upload them it’ll search through everything instantly – I’ve got 4.3gb in my library at the moment and it filters as I type. There are also some really good, easy to use image enhancements (red-eye removal, contrast / colour balance etc.). Sure, it’s not as powerful as Photoshop’s filters but a) it’s free and b) it’s much easier to use.

My favourite feature is the photo stitching tool, which I’ve used in my blogs here before. You just select the photos that you’ve taken in a panorama and hit the button. It adjusts exposure, lens angle etc. and blurs the photos together into a bigger one. Simple and really effective, especially with a crappy phone camera like mine 🙂 Here are my examples…

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Blog o’clock

August 31, 2007 1 comment

Quite impressed that a) Ina actually bothered asking people to come and comment here and b) that people actually bothered. I don’t know if I should be touched or scared, especially Hebs/Theeny who I *barely* know! Nice to hear you’re both still alive tho 🙂 I agree with Theeny’s comment about only blogging when you’ve got something useful to say… Not sure how much of this new found blog will be ‘worthwhile’ but hey.

Lets kick it off with a rant. Seems like the rest of the world mostly complains on their blogs so why should I be any different? Today’s rant: my back. As Ina has already mentioned I went camping a few weekends ago – three nights under canvas without a roll mat – followed the next weekend with a night at Ali’s parent’s house – on their bed which appears mostly to be made from bricks with a sheet over the top. And last night, cycling home from work my back decided that bending, stretching or sitting was an offence punishable by shooting pains 1/3 the way up my spine. Lovely.

So I’m lying on the floor of my front room, trying to do some work but it’s not going so well.

Today’s weirdness is brought to you by: Truly the most bizarre thing I’ve seen this week.

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More regular blogging?

August 16, 2007 21 comments
So Ina suggested I start blogging more regularly…
I don’t think I could produce enough interesting content, and no one would read it anyway, so I threw down a challenge: if he can get 10 (*real*) people to come over here and leave a comment against this post (and I want names, people!), I’ll start writing up here about, well, anything and everything. Seems to be the done thing now so maybe I should jump on the blog-wagon (ho ho) anyway?
Get commenting 😉
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