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Spreadsheet Audit and Control in SharePoint 2013 Preview

August 22, 2012 Leave a comment

One of the Great New Things (TM) in SharePoint 2013 is the technology Microsoft acquired from Prodiance. This allows organisations to discover and audit the spreadsheets within their organisation. The spreadsheets could be tracked based on number of attributes (some of the more relevant to BI are data connections, conditional formatting, data changes in Pivot tables, file size). Once a set of critical spreadsheets are identified, users and IT administrators can compare spreadsheets
individually (pair-wise) for data consistency, formula errors etc. with Inquire in Excel. You can find out more here:

However if, like me, you want to get the server bits for this and evaluate them, it can be quite tricky to actually work out what to download. Well, this is what you need: