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Microsoft Project Barcelona

October 20, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the internal projects I’ve been following for some time has gone public and are now blogging about their development process. It’s a really interesting read from a dev point of view, but the product itself is also very clever. It’s addressing the ‘impact analysis’ and ‘data lineage’ world.

Imagine you’re a DBA, and you want to make a change to a column in a table. What views are connected to that table? What ETL packages refer to that view? What data source does that package load? Are there cubes built from that warehouse? Are there reports using the cube? Are their Excel spreadsheets connected to that report?

This chain of data is complex and for most organisations ever-changing. Project Barcelona aims to address this by crawling all these objects and building a node graph showing the movement of data throughout. They explain it much better than I can: take a look at their blog here:

I love that they’re publishing previews of the user experience online through Azure as well, at


Cool stuff.

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