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When graphs go wrong!

As always, Stephen Few has picked up on a fantastic mis-representation of the facts through data visualisation, in this blog post it’s levelled at BP and their efforts to plug up the oil slick disaster. Misleading graph is misleading!

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Information Delivery • Reg Whitepapers

Last week I took part in a really interesting discussion, hosted by The Register, around the changing world of Business Intelligence. We discussed some of the challenges of traditional ‘Big BI’ and the shift towards more agile and user-focused BI to support front-line decision making. I tried to bring up as many real-world examples and tidbits of good practice I’ve come across. It was filmed in their London studios and you can view it online here: Information Delivery • Reg Whitepapers. (signup required)

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SQL Server 2008 R2 TechDays Presentations

On April 21st, my colleague Matt Stephen and I presented at the SQL Server 2008 R2 TechDays event in London. We covered PowerPivot and Reporting Services, looking at how you can build complex data analytics and produce rich reports with some very simple tools. We’ve had really good feedback from the event, and recordings of the presentations/demos (along with excellent sessions from the other speakers on the day) are now online. Go to and click on the ‘Resources’ tab to view all the videos, or go direct to ours here: PowerPivot and Reporting Services.

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