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Creating an Analysis Services Report Action in SharePoint Integrated Mode

September 11, 2009 Leave a comment

This post’s a reference as much as for me as for the rest of the Internet too…

Analysis Services has a great little feature called Actions, which allow you to take whatever point in a cube you’re browsing, and pass the ‘coordinates’ through to another application (such as Reporting Services, or any other URL). There’s an example included in the standard sample reports from CodePlex, but they work on the theory that you’re running SSRS in Native Mode. If you have a SharePoint Integrated installation the URL syntax has to be a little different. You need to set the “Server name” property to just the name of the report server (localhost if you’re on the same box), and the “Report path” property to something like ReportServer?http://bi-vm/Reports/ReportsLibrary/ReportName.rdl (obviously changing the url as required). Don’t forget the .rdl extension! The other useful thing to remember is that if you’re passing parameters in a URL (which is what the Report Action does behind the scenes) you need to use the UrlEscapeFragment function in the Parameter Value. For example: UrlEscapeFragment([Product].[Category].CurrentMember.UniqueName).

Very useful little feature, especially when launched from something like a PerformancePoint graph. Don’t forget you can use them to fire a link to any URL so it could be firing off a search based on where you are in the cube, or going out to the internet to render something from Bing maps. MSDN, as ever, has more information

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