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Creating a Microsoft BI test environment

Every customer I speak to at the moment seems to be trying to get a test bed set up to play with some of our BI tools. It’s often seen as a daunting task, getting Windows, SQL, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, MOSS, PPS and Office all talking to each other. Well, I’ve finally documented it all, with screenshots outlining all the steps you might need, in the order you need to do them to avoid some of the tricky pitfalls. The only assumption it makes is that you’ve already got a server running Hyper-V available.

I’ve put the final step-by-step guide on my SkyDrive here. which you shouldn’t need any login to access. Any comments, stick them against this post – I’ll make any updates as and when I can.

My list of things to add so far includes steps to actually create some BI content – AS cubes, RS reports, Excel sheets etc. (I have this from a Lab I’ve run recently but just need to write it up properly), then I’ll look at writing up fully configuring Excel Services, SQL 2008 SP2 (including Report Builder 2.0 click-once), ProClarity and maybe Visio too.

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  1. martyn
    August 12, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    You need to get out more! Looks good 😉

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