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Microsoft Business Intelligence All-Up VPC 7.1 ready for download!

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

As an early Christmas present (early for last year – I’m a slow blogger :)), the BI team in Redmond release the newest version of their VPC that includes everything in the Microsoft BI stack, from SQL Server Integration Services to PerformancePoint Scorecards. It’s available to download at the links below, they’re 700MB parts so a fairly hefty download – the VPC image unzips to over 15GB. As it’s a VM with SQL, MOSS, PPS, ProClarity and more installed, don’t expect it to perform well with anything less than 3GB RAM! I’ve had best results by importing it into Hyper-V or Virtual Server and assigning it more than one virtual processor – I’ll try and post a guide to doing that sooner or later. VPC R7.1.part01.exe VPC R7.1.part02.rar VPC R7.1.part03.rar VPC R7.1.part04.rar VPC R7.1.part05.rar VPC R7.1.part06.rar VPC R7.1.part07.rar

You’ll need to install Virtual PC if you’ve not already got it, it’s free and available from

Edit – To log in you’ll need to use ‘Administrator’ as the user name and pass@word1 as the password. However – the keyboard layout in the VM is US, so the @ and " symbols are swapped – you may need to type pass"word1 if you’re on a UK keyboard 🙂


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