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Time’s Best Inventions of the Year

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Time magazine produce a list of the best inventions every year, ranging from cars, to robots, to gadgets and even software. Top of the list this year was the Retail DNA test – controversial decision in my opinion as DNA testing has been around for quite a while but as Time’s commentator says, this is the sort of thing that cannot be un-invented; there will now always be demand for DNA checks from the general public.

For me, the entry I’m most pleased about is number 15: Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. A 3-part evil villain musical comedy (seriously) created by Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame), it really proved the potential for success of episodic, internet-based content. Not only was it truly fantastic and hilarious, but despite being written during the American writers’ strike it’s enjoyed huge success. Originally free to watch on the website, I now have one major issue with it: the decision to make it available for download only via iTunes. I don’t like their DRM and format specific stance and I’m really surprised that Joss Whedon hasn’t chosen a more universal distribution method. Ah well, maybe one day will be able to show it around the world.

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