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SQL Server Spatial Data Generator

October 8, 2008 Leave a comment

I had a chat with one of Microsoft SQL evangelists yesterday, talking about demos etc. and he pointed me to a very useful tool written by another Microsoftie, Mike Ormond. He has a Spatial Data Generator available on the web here which lets you draw shapes on Virtual Earth and outputs the latitude and longitude needed to insert the shape:

Mike Ormond's SQL Server 2008 Geospatial Data Generator

Very useful indeed if you’re playing with the geospatial data (in any system, not just MS SQL as it outputs WKT format) as it lets you create exciting data like this:

SQL Server's Binary Representation of Berkshire

Ok, marginally more exciting when it’s visualised properly:

SQL Server's Graphical Representation of Berkshire 

Ok, still not that exciting (anything featuring Bracknell’s going to be pretty disappointing) but it’s a great start to a demonstration of the spatial functions in SQL 2008, as you can then go on to do things like buffer zones:

It's not a snake, it's a 1km corridor around the M4

And then start to query for things like ‘Show me the towns within 1km of the M4’:

No Bracknell. Yay!

Good stuff! Well done Mike!

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