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A week in Tuscany

Following the last post, surprisingly enough nothing *did* go wrong and I got back at the weekend from a very enjoyable week in the Tuscan village of Vibbiana,

Map image

in the depths of the Garfagnana region. It’s an absolutely gorgeous spot, this is the view from the front door that greeted me every morning:

The Apuane Alps

We had a great time wandering around villages, buying (and eating) lots of salami, prosciutto and cheeses… And climbing a mountain 🙂 Luke had already done the research into where we would climb, from a guidebook that recommends ‘A walk is not over until your legs are under a table’ – so true, a beer at the end of a walk is essential.

We started off walking through one of the huge marble quarries that Michaelangelo got his stone from:

That's a big-ass statue

To give you some scale, the smallest blocks on the right are about 4 metres high… Must be 30 metres in all? Absolutely amazing, and one thing the camera really doesn’t capture is how brightly it reflected the sunlight – and this is at 7.30 am before it got hot!

The walk got pretty steep towards the top; this is 2/3 up, looking to the summit:

Lots of signs!

And the views from the top were simply amazing. 1781m is the highest I’ve climbed, and we were just above cloud level on a great day for it:

Click to Enbiggen

You could see how far up the mountain the quarries went, bearing in mind we’re above 6000 feet here:

Monte Pisanino on the left there...

And on the top, a cross and a guest book diary – we filled in our names on the wrong day to start with (I blame heat, lack of oxygen and the 2 hour climb to get up there)

It wasn't that windy...

And finally:

An awesome morning’s climb 🙂

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