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PerformancePoint on SQL 2008

April 17, 2008 2 comments

And they said it couldn’t be done… Well, they said (and rightly so) that it’s not supported, but it does seem to work – I’ve just run the 2008 setup against a pre-built 2005 environment and all seems good.


10.0.1300 is SQL 2008 CTP6 🙂 All the databases are running in Compatibility level 100 (i.e. 2008) and I’ve even set up compression on the DW. Analysis Services is upgraded and running happily, although I’ve not re-built the cube using the new data warehouse samples from codeplex yet.

Great news for demo dudes like myself, but I’d not suggest anyone runs out and upgrades all their production servers yet. Now to add some Spatial / PPS integration…

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PerformancePoint Admin Permissions

April 16, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m rebuilding my demo laptop on Windows Server 2008 and when it came to getting PerformancePoint set up I was getting nowhere fast when logged on as my domain user. Whenever I tried to create a new Data Connection I got this error:

The requested item cannot be found.

I’d played around with running the web services as different accounts, granting access to the SQL server I was trying to connect to. I turns out that my domain user wasn’t given administrative permissions in PPS even though I had installed it under that username. I had to log on as the local administrator and explicitly grant my username admin rights, as described by Tim Kent. I’d never run into this on Windows 2003 so I get the impression it’s something to do with the new security model in Windows Server 2008.

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Great minds

April 2, 2008 Leave a comment

I stumbled across this website this morning, after having (for reasons that now escape me) looked in the small print on ICHC. It’s a great collection for people who, like me, love pop culture and have rather geekish tendencies. For example:

Independence Day, if you didn't get it...

Now bizarrely, Ina seems to have discovered the same phenomenon, but through a completely different set of websites. It looks like a relatively new meme – GraphJam’s first post is from March, the flickr albums go back to February – but interesting that we both found it within a few hours.

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