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The Weekend from Awesome

Woo \o/ LAN and running is a great combination. Considering how badly the weekend started it was pretty good fun!


We (me and Ina) left my house at about 930, was expecting to me in Birmingham by 1200 easily. I’ve driven from Bath to Birmingham in 1:30 and we figured it can’t be much different from Reading, right? Well, we realised after just leaving that we’d picked up the chocolate I’d bought for Ali from Munich (should explain: I’ve been away with work for a week and then disappeared off for LAN – bought Ali chocolate to make up) so turned round to take that back. Drove on to the motorway and turned the wrong way. Good job. Oh well, we’ll turn right at the next junction and head up to Oxford. Nope, missed that turning too. Ok, where’s next? Swindon. Oh, sure that’s fine we’ll head directly north. Yeah, or we could continue to get lost. Although the routes above suggest a minor distance increase, we got to the LAN about 1300. Which wasn’t too bad in the end as everyone else was only just getting set up anyway… Played a good few hours of UT and BF2, always good for a laugh. Also reaffirmed mine and Ina’s place as king(s) of the geeks by getting twice the points in the quiz 🙂 We demonstrated exemplary knowledge of Star Wars ("More powerful than you could ever imagine!"), Drake’s equation (Very likely) and Megaman box art (it was the yellow crotch that gave it away) that all CompSoc members should aspire too 🙂 Followed it all up with a much quicker drive home including a one of the best tea and doughnut stops I’ve ever made, in a service station just this side of Oxford…

If Saturday was geek day, Sunday was activity day. Ran the Reading Half Marathon: 13.2 miles in 2:09 which I’m told is a pretty good time, especially as it was my first attempt! Go me. Now I just need to fix my ankle and knee – both feeling a bit grindy :S Followed the morning up with an awesome roast dinner (thanks Ali) which has also made my dinner tonight – soup is a great invention.

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