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Greatest job evar

Not mine (although it is great), this one. Icanhascheezburger.com is an awesome website, and if I was that way inclined, I’d jump at the offer. Ina mentioned over the weekend that he’d seen a job at last.fm and that he wanted to get an interview for the simple fact that it took place in a ball pool. I imagine ICHC would have similar cool interview techniques. Involving cats. In Seattle (clearly the place to be – MS, Valve, Penny Arcade, Starbucks, Midway – the list goes on – are all based there).

There are stories about how MS used to recruit, asking people to code stuff on-the-fly etc. but in reality the interviews are pretty tame. My intern interview felt a lot like a series of conversations rather than any direct questions, but it was clear what was going on – it’s as much a test of how much you ‘get’ the company as much as how well you’ll do the job. In fact, having since spoken to my interviewers and other hiring managers it’s as much about that as your experience and skills – I’ve always tried to convince people I think would get on to apply for the internship/grad scheme whether they’ve had lots of experience or not… Doing my part to help the company hire the best and brightest 🙂

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