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Heroes Happen {Here}

Microsoft’s latest campaign to tie in with the ’08 Server Wave is entitled "Heroes Happen {Here}". It celebrates all the unsung heroes in the IT world – the DBAs, security boffins, UX devs etc. that keep our email running, keep our internet access open and do all those little IT jobs that everyone takes for granted.

When I first heard the title (back at MGX in the summer) I thought it was rubbish. Not only is it really bad grammar, but ‘Here’? Where exactly? And heroes don’t ‘happen’, they ‘do stuff’ – though admittedly Heroes Do Stuff {In Their IT Office} doesn’t have the same ring to it. The curly braces seem a little out of place too – not everyone’s a developer…

However, as I’ve found out more about the thought behind the campaign I’ve come to appreciate what it means. We all need IT that runs smoothly and there are some unsung heroes that need recognition and reward for it. I suppose the idea is that the reward is a new wave of technology – Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio 2008. One part of the campaign that I’m still undecided on is the webcomic. I love the art style and the concept is pretty good – you can submit your own stories and it gets incorporated into what will allegedly become a ‘mystery or adventure‘. Some wonderful clichés to come, I’m sure, but hey – it’s a good RSS to subscribe too 🙂

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