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Ok, one more travel post. I spent a week in Amsterdam, officially on training although it wasn’t a very good workshop, and then had a weekend with Ali to have a nose around the city. We’ve already been once so didn’t do the Van Gogh / modern art / other museums. In fact we spent most of the time just walking around – it’s such a beautiful city, especially at this time of year with the leaves turning.


<Point: I’d left this entry till, well, now to finish. It’s been a couple of weeks…>

Um, yeah we did some other stuff in Amsterdam it was over a fortnight ago, I don’t really remember. Some pics:

Yellow dino-slide-a-go-go
A yellow dinosaur with a small bird on his head and a slide for a tail. Not so bizarre, apart from it being in a fairly small alleyway with no other ‘park’ type stuff nearby.

Lizards. Not so scary, as they're mostly metal.
Not quite as cool as the animals from my last holiday but not bad 🙂

Slightly phallic too
Cool waterfall/window thing. Ali added for scale and ornamentation.

Ooh, and we found a Cat museum – very cool, really random. Nice alternative to the Van Gogh/Rijks etc.:

Slightly evil look to it. /want

Ding ding-ding dinky-ding
Highly bizarre pachinko/pinball table with little china Chinese cat things that all make slightly different pitch ‘dink’ noises as the ball hits them.

Schipol has a Lego model in it:

 I miss Lego.
I imagine Copenhagen has the same 😉

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