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Lion Park

Johannesburg is a magical place where dreams can come true. Like playing with lion cubs:

He was pretty much asleep

Very cool and very much like stroking a doormat. As was the giraffe:

Even my phone camera looks ok from this distance!

Some people ‘played’ with the lions a bit more than others:


Best of all, I saw my last of the big 5: a leopard 🙂 Didn’t get a picture unfortunately – my phone wasn’t quite good enough… He was looking a bit unhappy, though, and kind of pacing up and down the front of his cage. Actually, I wasn’t generally very impressed with the way these animals were kept. The lion cubs had plenty of space and interaction, and the lion prides seemed to have enough room too:


There were a couple of cheetahs, jackals and hyenas in enclosures that seemed a bit small too – there were paths worn in the grass around the fences which kind of suggested that they were pacing around a lot…

Looks like a gap in the fence but I'm told it was safe...

We also got to see the keepers feeding the lion cubs, while the cheetahs watched, looking rather hungry and making such a feeble little noise, just like a house cat… Did have a video but for some reason HTC record video in an MP4 format that Windows can’t read without some codec or other that I can’t be bothered to hunt for. Maybe you’ll get to see that at some point 😉

And so ended the South African awesomeness. With the obligatory night out at the end of the trip, at a restaurant that served all-you-can-eat Zebra (like horse), Giraffe (tough), Kudu (gamey and tender) and Crocodile (light, tastes like chicken). Excellent 🙂

Some eastern Europeans enjoying a beer.

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