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South Africa

11 hours on a plane is not an enjoyable experience. 11 hours without music because you’ve forgotten your headphones is worse. 11 hours having to watch BA’s broadcast TV instead of the VoD because you appear to have the only set on the plane that isn’t set up for it is just ridiculous.

Did I mention it was an overnight flight? I’ve not had very much sleep and came straight to the training centre from the plane, to find that the building has no power! Stand around for half an hour… Cup of tea, catch up with the other grads… We get asked to gather outside and are told that we’ll cancel today and catch up tomorrow. Yay! Let’s go shopping. Walk back into the building and all the power’s back on. So I’m sitting in the training room waiting for our lesson’s VPCs to copy onto my machine, only 15237  minutes remaining….

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  1. Ian
    October 1, 2007 at 10:30 am

    I hate it when people pre-emptively one-up you. Now I can\’t complain about the tube being a bit crowded… 😦

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