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The 80s Rocked

As did our 80s themed offsite. Last Thursday and Friday at a Manor house in Hertfordshire with my extended team/department. The first day was the typical business-related meeting/presentation (complete with bad 80s-related jokes) followed by an evening of Krypton Factor style activities in 80s costume. 3 of my teammates and I, all of whom were born in the 80s, decided that wearing baby clothes wouldn’t be as good as the following:


Heroes in the Half-Shell.

No expense spared, we were complete with hanging baskets for shells 🙂 Further activities included Batak, which I’m sure I remember being advertised in the 80s, and that I really wanted:


(Yes, that is Freddie Mercury)

Friday was a team-building activity day, and we all agreed one of the best offsites we’ve been on. Along with the more traditional archery (which I was surprisingly good at), buggy driving, laser clay pigeon shooting we also experienced ferret racing, goose herding and some blindfold driving:


(Rachna’s the only one who could pull off the pink eyemask)

Best of all tho we got to fly some birds of prey: a number of Harris hawks and a Little Owl:


‘Little’ is the breed name as well as the fact that he was only about 6" tall (although that photo makes him look more like 6 foot…) So cool, but made so much noise! The handler guy also had an Eagle owl (big, about 2 1/2 foot high) who was quite old and had figured out that walking is easier than flying. He’d run along the ground and then fly up to your hand 🙂 Ace.

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