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Is Apple The New Microsoft?

Quite an interesting article to read here: http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,136949-c,companynews/article.html

I fully agree that Microsoft’s reputation as a monopolistic bully is rather unfair, and I really love Elgan’s points about the way the iPhone and iPod Touch have hailed as amazing innovations, but not really brought anything new to the market (apart from high prices and angry consumers). The iPhone is a cool gadget, undoubtedly, but the LG/Prada and HTC phones got there first and having played with them all I really think the iPhone leaves a lot to be desired…

Apple will never be charged with having a monopoly in the same way as Microsoft simply because of the size of its market share, which ranges from (on the desktop) 5% to 21% depending on who you believe. Competition is nothing but good for our industry, and Apple’s gains in the PC market mean Microsoft will have to continue innovating to keep up. However, the share that Apple’s iTunes holds makes it a target for monopolistic allegations; if you want an iPod, or want to use their download service, you’ve got to use the iTunes software.

My personal preference is to get DRM free music from www.emusic.com and to play it in WMP (I suppose I should be plugging MSN music, but I’ve had too many license issues with their service to be able to recommend it. And don’t get me started on Zunes…). I can drag and drop emusic’s files onto my phone, or use WMP’s sync to device (which works excellently) and I don’t have to worry about licence certificates or any of that rubbish. Lovely.

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  1. Ina
    September 11, 2007 at 12:25 am

    One note – you don\’t have to use iTunes to sync with your iPod, it\’s just a bit easier. Apple have written nothing that *stops* third party applications from synching up to an iPod, it\’s just that those with one are generally lured into the trendy world of Apple and happily choose the whole package. I don\’t use iTunes because I have an iPod, I use it because it\’s sexy and nicely indexed 🙂
    Third party choices (and I\’ll admit it\’s not exactly at top notch list) can be found on Jake Ludington\’s blog.

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