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SQL Upgrade Troubles

Work related entry No. 1!

This week I have been mostly installing SQL and MOSS, and discovering just how cryptic MS error messages can be. I discovered that CTP4 of PerformancePoint Server requires Enterprise or Developer edition of SQL to install on top of. I had Standard Edition, which meant upgrading before installing PPS. Changing SQL edition means running setup.exe from a command line with "SKUUPGRADE=1" as a parameter (and it has to be in capitals…). However, if (like me) you’re creating a demo box and have SharePoint also installed, MOSS will have stolen the default website away from Reporting Services – the upgrade will only go through if you change the port number back to 80 for the default web site. Once I’d worked that out, the install process started…

And promptly stopped, with the lovely error message "There was an unexpected failure during the setup wizard". What sort of errors would be expected, one wonders? After having thought "Ugh, it’s bound to be because I’ve got MOSS installed" and spent most of the afternoon uninstalling, bit by bit, almost the whole demo image, what I eventually discovered in this kb was that installing from a mapped network drive makes SQL cry 😥

On a more positive note, I’m starting my job as a TSP officially from October 1st 😀

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