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Wow. Well, I’ve started my new job/life/whatever at MS, first week’s over and it’s actually going pretty well 😀
Bit of a crazy week of course, spent Monday and Tuesday sitting through the normal rubbish of HR lectures, Health & Safety (all very important of course), since then have been getting all the administrative rubbish out of the way but I’ve got pretty much everything I need now. Got the most important bits anyway: laptop (sweet) and smartphone (really impressed).
Best things about Vista:
Search. Press the Windows key, type in ‘Email received last Friday from Lillie’ (my boss) and it shows me exactly that. Quicker that Google Desktop 😀
Connectivity: My wireless network just worked. Turned on the laptop at home and was connected within seconds. 😀
Laptop stuff: Vista detects when you plug in an ecternal monitor and automagically extends your display onto it. The new ‘Sleep’ mode is excellent, really quick to enter and resume it.
Best things about Smartphones:
Getting email over the air, as it arrives, wherever you are. Wow.
Searching the Microsoft global address list wherever I am. I can view BillG’s free/busy schedule from anywhere in the world! Woo!
Next week I’m getting into some real work. Going to be developing and learning some SQL/Business Intelligence demos to present to customers in two weeks time :O Quite scary but that’s what I’m here for!
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  1. Ina
    January 15, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    Ooh, free laptop and smartphone, very snazzy. I presume that desktop search wouldn\’t be compatible with something from gmail? Though it\’s probably all internal anyhow. Feel free to put in a good word for me there, I could do with a placement! :)Additionally, the \’Your blog web address (optional): bit in the comments section is an unenabled textbox on both browsers, that deliberate?Xx

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