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December 22, 2006 Leave a comment
So what am I doing now? Seeing as I’ve spent 3 months without updating, maybe I should explain. I moved to Reading. Not that that would normally preclude updating a blog, but I had to go without internet for a month (doen to a nick in the cable going from the modem to the BT wall socket – grr).
But all is good, I’ve been working at a restaurant review guide ( in London with my best mate from home, doing some database admin stuff (mostly creating VBA/Access frontends – ow), waiting to get started at MS in January! Still well chuffed to be starting at the top of the field, not entirely sure where I’ll move on to after that. Should I really be thinking that far ahead?
In other news: it’s Christmas! Happy holidays and all that jazz, see you in 2007 😀
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