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An update. At last!

So maybe I’ll start using this again… Just so my MSN list can keep up to date with what I’m doing
I finished Uni, got a 1st (go me \o/) and I’m now doing some fairly shite help desk work supporting the Inland Revenue workers who can’t use their computers (i.e. most of them). I suppose someone’s got to do it. But! A light has appeared on the horizon! Microsoft are going to take me back on their grad scheme, starting in January! (go me \o/, again). I’m gonna move to Reading at the start of Novemeber (coz Ali’s job finishes then) so if you’ve got a flat for rent, get in touch 😉
I’ve uploaded some photos from my last two trips – Prague and Tuscany – which were both ace. I’ve now got no holidays booked  but MS will be shipping me off to Redmond in January
Keep an eye on the blog, it’ll get updated more than twice a year, I promise!
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