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Well _I’m_ impressed

Just been to the Xbox 360 launch tour thingy in Birmingham and I can happily say I still want one 🙂 They _do_ look sexy and they’re a bit smaller than I imagined – I can certainly see one sitting beside my TV playing some kick ass games.
Speaking of games, I got to play PGR4 (speedy), Kameo (cute), Gun (rugged), Tony Hawk’s new game (tricky), Condemned (scary) and DOA4 (jiggly). I’m very impressed considering they’re all only about 80-90% complete. They all ran at a great frame rate, only saw one graphical glitch (on Condemned) and all very intuitive to play. Especially liking Kameo’s cool gunge effect when you splatter one of the orcs – green slime gets stuck on the camera with really nice refraction as it slides down the screen. Also very impressed by the scale of the environments in THAW and Gun – they’re making the most of the new hardware.
I asked one of the guys there (probably not a techie) about what you can plug into the USB port and they seemed to think I could use a portable hard drive in place of the ‘official’ one – could be a reason not to get the full system… Although I probably will anyway 🙂
So, all in all, just waiting for the January sales to come round to get a decent games bundle 🙂 Oh and let MS have a chance to actually manufacture some of the consoles 😉
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