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Update : Summer!

Thought I’ve not put anything down for a while…
So I’ve been back at home for a while now, spent an awesome 2 weeks on Kos with Ali getting nicely tanned to come back to the UK and cloudy skies and a tornado in Birmingham! Nice to know that I’ll be living a few miles away from the site of the most ridiculous freak weather the UK’s ever seen. We’ve finally found somewhere to live and put a deposit down – lovely little place in Edgbaston (well, kinda Ladywood but Edgbaston sounds nicer) Moving up tomorrow and really looking forward to it!
I’ve been playing way to much Battlefield 2, I just wish there was a way to ban people who don’t understand the concept of teamwork from it… ah well. If you’re that way inclined and want a game sometime, get xFire and add MI77 (me) to your friends list. Assuming EA don’t introduce any _more_ bugs it’ll hook into BF2 and show where I’m playing…
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