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Synonyms in MS Word

August 23, 2005 Leave a comment
This is classic…. Type ‘information’ into Microsoft Word and look up its synonyms:
in order
in sequence
in turn
in rank
in a row
No, I think that’s ‘in formation’
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V’d out…

August 22, 2005 Leave a comment
Fantastic! Back from a weekend at the awesome V Festival. Saw tons of great bands:
I Am Kloot
Joss Stone
The Ordinary Boys
Turin Brakes
The Music
Josh Rouse
Scissor Sisters (Well, just a bit as we were passing )
The Prodigy
Winner of ‘The Road to V’ (I don’t remember their name but they were quite good )
Tom Vek
The Departure
The Magic Numbers
Goldie Lookin’ Chain (like 30 seconds – not impressed…)
Lucie Silvas (by accident, I swear. Although she was quite good )
The Polyphonic Spree
The Zutons
The Kaiser Chiefs (heard, not saw )
Roisin Murphy (ex Moloko)
The Doves
Robin Plant (of Led Zep)
Oasis (from a very long way back)
27 bands over two days. That’s got to be some sort of record, right? Highlights? Well there were loads. Athlete were as enjoyable as ever, but I left them early to see the Ordinary Boys which was definitely the right idea 🙂 They rocked, doing the sunny weather proud with Talk Talk Talk… The Polyphonic Spree win most bizarre moment, they’ve got some really happy-clappy uplifting tunes and to see 20 or so people on that small JJB stage was really something. The Kaiser Chiefs really needed to be on the main stage as no-one could get anywhere near them – even lanky me couldn’t see very much. It was amazing seeing Robert Plant playing Whole Lotta Love with just the same power and enthusiasm as on the records from what, thirty years ago? Roisin Murphy was amazing too – great band, great tunes, great girl  But the battle for best moment is between Texas and Ozomatli. Both complete surprises, not having planned to see either until I got there, Texas managed to trigger some great memories from ages ago (plus they had Peter Kay come sing Sweet Caroline with them ). Ozomatli were something else, and when told they had to finish the set and get off stage they got off stage, out into the crowd and continued playing! Lots of drums, whistles and brass followed by the crowd out of their tent and wow, really great feeling after they’d finished.
Pretty tired today, pretty smelly and looking for Ozomatli records
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August 17, 2005 Leave a comment
So I’m officially a Brummie again, finally moved back to Birmingham and got some internet into my house! We’re living in an ace little house by Edgbaston Reservoir – now I’m just looking for a job to get me some dosh before I start Uni…
Went to see Willy Wonka today – absolutely awesome film. Tim Burton’s a genius (have I said that before?) and he’s added so many cool things to a great story. My biggest bugbear is the oompa loompa(s), but they’re also the best thing! Their songs are so cool! Plus, bonus – saw a trailer for Burton’s next film: a Nightmare Before Christmas style adaptation of the Corpse Bride. Looking forward to that 🙂
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Update : Summer!

August 5, 2005 Leave a comment
Thought I’ve not put anything down for a while…
So I’ve been back at home for a while now, spent an awesome 2 weeks on Kos with Ali getting nicely tanned to come back to the UK and cloudy skies and a tornado in Birmingham! Nice to know that I’ll be living a few miles away from the site of the most ridiculous freak weather the UK’s ever seen. We’ve finally found somewhere to live and put a deposit down – lovely little place in Edgbaston (well, kinda Ladywood but Edgbaston sounds nicer) Moving up tomorrow and really looking forward to it!
I’ve been playing way to much Battlefield 2, I just wish there was a way to ban people who don’t understand the concept of teamwork from it… ah well. If you’re that way inclined and want a game sometime, get xFire and add MI77 (me) to your friends list. Assuming EA don’t introduce any _more_ bugs it’ll hook into BF2 and show where I’m playing…
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