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Freaky eye-candy stuff

June 28, 2005 Leave a comment
Extralife has always got loads of random stuff. Bookmark it!
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Glad I’m not at Glasto…

June 24, 2005 Leave a comment

So my brother’s gone down there – think he might be back sooner than he thought… Much as I’d love to be standing in 3 inches of standing water  !

Doing my bit for the online community, go get the newest Anti-Spyware from MS: it seems to do the job pretty well, especially if you run SpyBot S&D once in a while too.

I think I’ve seen the full extent of the internet’s weirdness now: There are some very odd people out there… Oh, and My Cat Hates You.


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Half Life 3 Trailer!

June 16, 2005 Leave a comment

Complete with genuine* in-game footage!—City17-Live-Action-Movie

I’m gonna pre-order me a copy today!

*genuine in the ‘Killzone 2’ sense of the word…

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That was wierd…

June 15, 2005 1 comment

Very strange feelings… I’ve moved home again, the day after my last day at MS, and I don’t feel like I’ve left yet… Maybe it’s just not sunk in yet.

It’s nice to be back at home – nice home cooking, shopping being done for me etc., but I’ve already found something I want that I know I could get if I was still at MS! Ah well.

I’m still aching from Challenger – I think my shins may take a few weeks to recover. I’ve got one photo so far, and I’m waiting to get the rest of them from the people at work. Looking forward to seeing how they all came out!


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And I’m spent

June 11, 2005 1 comment
Wow, absolutely amazing- finished in style all together, really well planned finish line on the beach, really good feeling and great cheering people in. Quite glad it’s over tho! Laters 🙂
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Another day, another 6 hours of pain.

June 11, 2005 Leave a comment
So, after our crazy 1am stage last night, they send us on a 6 hour romp today, then a 2 hour night stage so i’m just back to bed… Had part of the afternoon off tho so a nice sunbathe was nice 🙂 Bit of a sleep in and it’s only one day left! Good night!
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Night Stages Suck

June 10, 2005 Leave a comment
Not a tricky task- just had to transport a golf ball along an obstacle course, but it does mean i’m only getting 5 hours sleep…Laters 🙂
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