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Random Gigging

Went to one of ‘The Toilet Sessions’ at Reading’s Rising Sun Arts Centre. They’re raising money for a new toilet 🙂

Saw two bands who play the Reading circuit a fair amount – Solar, a 4 piece straightforward rock band, lots of fast licks + awesome screaming solos. Their singer / rhythm guitarist runs the sound at the 3Bs and I’ve seen him doing acoustic stuff there too – he’s got a really good voice.

The other band was Shomaha, introduced through a friend of a friend who plays the bass in the group. They’re a bit more random – think Oceansize & Tool with some jazzy stuff and some Muse mixed in for good measure. They’ve got some awesome beats – the drummer (Jim) is technically amazing, keeping beats in crazy 7/4 time like I’ve never seen before… Their lead guitarist (Moose) has a crazy pedal set-up, nicely offset against the secondary guitarist (Hutch) who just plugs straight into his amp. You can download most of their music on the site so check them out.

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