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Last Week!


Last week at MS! I’ve just set my answerphone message and email sig to announce that my contract’s ending this Friday, which feels kind of unreal. It’ll be so strange not to have to get up again every day – but I suppose now I’m used to it I’ll find it easier to get up and work at Uni! Every cloud and all that…

How am I going to cope without super-fast internet and all the latest techie stuff? Well, I can’t sort out the first but hopefully the MSP programme will help the latter 🙂 More importantly, how will I cope without all the cool people I’ve met – I’m definitly gonna miss them more than the technology, but then it’ll be really good to see all the folks at Aston again…

Oh, and I Love The West Country

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Random Gigging

Went to one of ‘The Toilet Sessions’ at Reading’s Rising Sun Arts Centre. They’re raising money for a new toilet 🙂

Saw two bands who play the Reading circuit a fair amount – Solar, a 4 piece straightforward rock band, lots of fast licks + awesome screaming solos. Their singer / rhythm guitarist runs the sound at the 3Bs and I’ve seen him doing acoustic stuff there too – he’s got a really good voice.

The other band was Shomaha, introduced through a friend of a friend who plays the bass in the group. They’re a bit more random – think Oceansize & Tool with some jazzy stuff and some Muse mixed in for good measure. They’ve got some awesome beats – the drummer (Jim) is technically amazing, keeping beats in crazy 7/4 time like I’ve never seen before… Their lead guitarist (Moose) has a crazy pedal set-up, nicely offset against the secondary guitarist (Hutch) who just plugs straight into his amp. You can download most of their music on the site so check them out.

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So I can blog from a phone!

May 20, 2005 2 comments
That’s quite cool i suppose – and it lets me do bold and big text too apparently!

Well, if it works i’m impressed!


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Blog attack!

In an effort to stay ‘hip’ and ‘down with the kids’ I’ve got myself a Space.

Don’t expect too much on here, but I’ll be posting as and when cool stuff happens to me.


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